Concussion Management

This month, Lubbock Sports Medicine’s own, Stan Kotara, sat down with Lubbock Avalanche Journal’s NIcholas Talbot to discuss the problematic issue confronting athletes, parents, coaches, and lawmakers alike: Concussions.  In this three-part piece featured in the Journal, the impact that concussions have made locally and nationally is reviewed to reveal troubling details about how under-prepared society is for handling these injuries.

Stan, a certified consultant for concussions, discusses symptoms and effects that an athlete may experience with an injury of this particular sort.  Stan is credentialed through the ImPACT Program which is making national headway into implementing more demanding and effective protocols so as to prevent athletes from playing with concussions and risking more significant injuries.

If you are a concerned athlete, coach, parent, or administrator and are interested in what the ImPACT Program can do for your organization, call Lubbock Sports Medicine for more information.

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Read Lubbock Avalanche Journal’s Three-Part Series on Concussions below:

Part 1: Former Tech QB Taylor Potts recounts his battle with concussion symptoms

Part 2: ImPACT Program making legislators, coaches change view of concussion management

Part 3: Keeping the memories: Concussions still a growing concern

Source: Lubbock Avalance Journal