The neck provides the bridge between head and body. Similar to the back, it is made up of multiple muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and bones.  It houses the cervical spine and the vertebrae play a vital role in protecting the spine.  This complex region places the importance of proper understanding of function to help properly strengthen in order to prevent injury.  Though we don’t normally see back or neck patients at Lubbock Sports Medicine, our team at  Lubbock Sports Rehab is ready to provide effective and innovative therapy for you.  At Lubbock Sports Rehab, the emphasis is placed on your body mechanics to treat the source of your pain.  Since the site of your pain is not always the source of your pain, it takes a thorough, in-depth approach to fully treat you and your body.  Come experience the difference at Lubbock Sports Rehab!

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Dr. Karl Pankratz